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Relaxing at last

So part of the thing with getting a smartphone via Comcast is that for some reason this requires autopay for the phone half of the bill. I was reluctant to do this, especially after the guy said my billing date would be the 28th, but he told me I could call and have them change the billing date.

Well, that wasn't correct. Their system doesn't allow it, though they're apparently working on convincing whoever runs their system to change it so it can. But there was good news.

First of all, I don't get charged until July 28th, so that was me stressing out for weeks over nothing.

Second, if the payment doesn't go through, there's a 10 day grace period where they keep trying, which means the grace period lasts through the 8th for me.

Third, even after the grace period there's apparently no late fees or extra charges; they just want you to pay, they're not gonna penalize you for being late, aside from making it so that you can't make outgoing calls (except 911) after the grace period. I'm cautiously optimistic about that, and my pay day is usually the third, so there shouldn't be any problem there.

The person I talked to also told me the amount my bill would be: $53. It's $45 for the unlimited data/calls/texts plan, about $5 per month for the phone itself, and the rest is taxes and government fees.

So, armed with all this knowledge, I took most of the money I'd been keeping in my checking account in anticipation of this month's bill and moved it to savings, since I'm saving up for a bike. My savings account now has more in it than I've had in a savings account for like, 15 years. By quite a significant margin. I think my previous record was $25.

Between that and the spare $88 I have every month from closing out my storage unit, I might have enough money in July to buy a bike from Craigslist. *Keeps fingers crossed*

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