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Woke up today at 11 AM after going to bed at about 2:30 or 3 the night before. Decided to go on a walk, which I started at around 12:30. Was originally going to go to where the Springwater Corridor continues along the river, even though I've been that way before and it was a bit dull. But when I got to 17th, I changed my mind and went down along the trolley path which goes along 17th in this area, because I knew it led to a different riverside park I hadn't been to before.

Got to that park, wandered around a bit taking photos with my phone. Then I turned on Pokemon Go and wandered down this one path that goes along the coast of the river. That path came out in a residential area, but there was something in the distance on the screen so I went toward it.

Stopped at a little park (only big enough for some play equipment) to sit down for a few minutes. Saw some people go to the back of the park and disappear. Got up to check it out, found there was a path back there, one lined in very fine gravel. (Almost sand, really.) Went along it. Very nice area, there. Lots of trees.

I ended up coming out at this... well, I think it was a dried up part of riverbed. But like, it had a bunch of rocks. Rocks that were smooth, but had enough grip to climb, and I had my walking stick anyway. A bunch of other people were there, climbing the rocks and heading toward some woods, it seemed to be popular for the area. So I went that way, too.

I eventually got on Google Maps to find out where I was. I was, as it turns out, on a small "island" called Elk Rock Island. Small it may be, but it was still pretty moderately dense with trees and had loads of paths. There was also a coastline, parts of which were sandy and other parts of which had a lot of rocks. But like, small rocks. Small, smooth rocks.

Got lots of great photos there. It was amazing and beautiful there. Spent a fair amount of time exploring it, with breaks to sit down and rest. Not sure how much time I was there, but the walk from home to the island was 43 minutes according to Google Maps, not accounting for wandering, breaks to sit down, or my frequently slower walking pace. (Some routes Google says should take 15 minutes typically take me 25.) And I didn't get home until 4 in the afternoon. So I was out and about for like, 3 and a half hours. I figure it probably took me an hour to wander down to that island. And since I took the bus back home, I think it took me only 20 or 25 minutes to get back. So I was on that island for like, an hour and a half? Two hours? Something like that.

Anyway, I started getting hungry, thirsty, and tired. My feet were beginning to complain. So I left, walking to the bus stop and catching the 70 home. Went along the trolley path again, this time from River Road til I had to cross the street to get to the bus stop. Part of the trolley path went under the bridge the MAX uses. And there were some weird things on the bottom of this bridge, but only in the sections that were above the trolley path. Here, see if you can tell me what these are:

By the time I got home, I had done so much walking that I drank some iced tea, took a shower, lay down on my bed to rest, and ended up taking a nap until 9 pm. I was hungry when I got home, but didn't eat until I woke up. Normally, I can't sleep if I'm hungry. I must have been fucking exhausted to be able to sleep through hunger.

All this because I wanted some exercise. Well, I got it. In spades.

One thing I did notice, which I can't believe I never noticed before, is that when I started, I was slow, plodding, and breathing hard. But by the time I got to the park, I was much faster and breathing was easier. And it just kept getting easier.

Here's a link to the pictures:

There's also a video from Pride in there, showing how long the line was.

EDIT: Also added some more pictures of me in my new hat.

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