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Poem I wrote.


The sun is setting on an already twilight world,
And the moon just fell out of the sky,
Leaving the world a little darker.
The earth misses her tides,
Her people miss her light.

Ahriman the incompetent sits upon the throne,
Reincarnated less than a hundred years after his last defeat,
His poison and darkness infecting the land that vanquished him before.
I weep for the moon,
I fumble in the darkness.

Her light, so bright, filled the sky.
All who knew her, loved her.
She was joy, she was love,
She was laughter, she was hope.
The world needs more like her.

I would walk straight into Hades and take Persephone hostage to get her back,
Were she not in the Elysian fields.
I would quest as hasn't been done since the era of Homer,
Searching every afterlife until I found her and returned her,
If I wasn't certain she was too busy making friends with Jesus, Buddha, Brigid, and others.

All I can do is hope the sun will rise soon.
In the mean time, I shall carry a lantern in her honor.

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