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End to both Satanic Panic AND Capital Punishment?

New evidence may overturn verdict in West Memphis Three Case

Some highlights:

Opponents of capital punishment are poised to adopt Echols, who has grown from an angry youth into a charismatic Buddhist preacher, as a poster child for a national moratorium on “state-sponsored killing”.

Buddhist, eh? Cool.

legal challenge as to whether the supposedly pain-free lethal injection amounts to “cruel and unusual punishment”.

Capital punishment is the mother of all cruel and unusual punishments.

The mutilations, which had inspired local newspaper stories of devil worship, were caused by snapping turtles.

No comment necessary. But I DID get in my mind an image of Satan-worshiping snapping turtles gathered around the altar, ready to sacrifice their prey, and shouting "HAIL SATAN!" in unison.

The quiet city of West Memphis went crazy with grief, with mobs pulling suspicious strangers from cars. Locals started carrying Bibles to declare themselves "normal".

And the weird shall inherit the earth. The glowing, radioactive earth.

At the murder scene police asked Jerry Driver, a born-again Christian probation officer, if he had any suspects. He named Echols, a bipolar 18-year-old who, Driver believed, was a satanist because he wore a black leather coat in all weathers and listened to “devil music” such as Pink Floyd and Metallica.

Oh, I tremble in the wake of his overwhelming evidence! *Shakes*
Seriously, though: Pink Floyd? I'd sooner believe Raffi of being a Satanist than Pink Floyd.

a key witness admitted that she had invented everything in a deal with police for a cash reward.

Cops = pigs. (Sorry for the insult to pigs.)

EDIT: Link fixed!
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