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The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Cracks in The Filter.

Alex has been learning to get past The Filter even when he's not super riled up. Don't get me wrong; it's useful at times. I'm such a doormat I need him to stand up for me.

But occasionally it's annoying. Like the other day when I was getting my prescriptions at Walgreens, we walked in and there was stuff about this weird "Red Nose Day" charity I've never heard of before. Alex was thinking at me that it was probably a corporate scam, which is highly likely; "charities" pushed by corporations are usually corporate scams to steal money from well-meaning people, especially if that one corporation is the only place you ever see anything about/for the charity.

Anyway, so I was looking for something while paying for the prescriptions, and so I was distracted. The lady at the register asked if I wanted to donate $1 to the Red Nose Day thing, and Alex casually answered, "No, those things are corporate scams." She didn't know how to react, so she just kind of ignored it.

What's annoying about it is that without the context I explained above, it just sounds like an excuse to be cheap. Also, it's not great to take out that kind of annoyance on the employees. The one saving grace was the calm, casual, matter-of-fact way he said it. At least he wasn't being confrontational.

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