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Been sick since Wednesday with a cold. Nose somehow runny and stuffed up at the same time. I'm thankful the food boxes came in on Wednesday because I dunno what I would have eaten without them. Probably a bunch of pasta with spaghetti sauce.

As it is, eating a lot of ham because I got one of those big old pill shaped hams. Ham and bread and eggs. Occasional chicken and rice or chicken and noodle soup. The first one was Healthy Request. Even adding a fuckton of salt and pepper it was barely edible, had to gag it down. Ever eat anything so bland it should be considered a war crime? I did, and it's Campbell's Healthy Request Chicken Noodle Soup. That shit makes canned potatoes seem spicy by comparison. Whitest goddamn White People food that ever whited.

Sleep is weird. Cooking like a hot dog in my blankets dreaming about the same damn thing over and over again, freezing cold if I get out of them. Dunno if that's a fever dream or not, but my head is cool right now. But I think my hands are too hot is why it feels cool. I dunno. I feel okay considering everything aches and my sinuses are partially clogged and I have no energy. Shitty definition of okay I guess but whatevs.

I'm fucking bored and restless. I'm fucking tired of ham sandwiches. And also of oranges. I have apples but their skin is like a candle and I don't have a veggie peeler. I want to be well again. I want my neck to stop hurting. I want to have the energy and focus to do writing. I want to be able to leave the house and go somewhere. I want to be able to sleep without feeling like I'm in an oven and repeating the same annoying and boring dream over and over and over again. I actually got so fucking bored with that dream I woke up on purpose to get away from it.


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