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A little tired, but I just wanted to note that tonight I did a "dance around a candle flame" ritual tonight, making this the first ritual I'd done in a very long time. Doing rituals in the old apartment was nearly impossible; the confined space of two people trying to fit into a space that was barely big enough for one, my roommate's unpredictable hours and weird moods, her tendency to be annoying and interrupting, and my fear of bothering people all conspired against me in the past.

This new apartment, however, has a living room that is largely empty, save for my computer and the two desks surrounding it. (And a couple other furnishings.) So there's plenty of room to dance around, and the wooden floors are easy enough to sweep up. I just put my headphones on and made sure not to get too exuberant in my dancing.

When I would do this kind of ritual in the past, I'd play the album "Gypsy Flame" by Armik and get most of the way through the album before stopping. This time I only got through 3 or 4 songs before I had to stop, since it's been years since I did anything like it. There used to be this meetup for doing a pagan ritual with other people once a month, but that group went defunct about a year or two ago. Once I get my deposit paid off, I might look into reviving it, since the space they used rented by the hour, and it was like $15 for an hour. Last I checked, the dance studio it was held at was still there, though that was like 8 months ago I last checked, and I can't remember the name of the place. I'll have to get on the 14 and head back in that direction, get off at the right stop, and walk to where it was to check and find out the name.

If it's still there, I'll talk with the owners about renting it for an hour once a month, then get an Organizer account at Meetup to make a new Meetup for it. And once I get an Organizer account, I could do other Meetups like... maybe an ageplay meetup? Maybe also a Meetup for people into the Left-Hand Path.

Anyway, the ritual was fun. I plan to do more. I now could do one every day/night if I wanted to. I hope in a few months I'll get back in shape enough to get through most of the album again.

I also want to do a ritual during the day as well, because daytime rituals would involve singing and chanting, and my singing/chanting can get pretty loud. I'm still not entirely sure how much noise can get through the walls around here, though so far I've only noticed once minor noise issue of one neighbor occasionally playing a guitar, but that's not very loud, never lasts long, and only happens after 3 or 4 pm, but never later than 6 pm. Anyway, other than that guy, I so rarely hear sounds from other neighbors that it's almost eerie. It's so quiet in this area it's actually too quiet for me to sleep without some kind of white noise going.

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