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Pissbaby bus driver part deux

For part one, click here.

Today I got on the bus on my way home. I got on, paid the fare, and was heading to the back when the bus driver said in a really whiny voice, "By the way, I talked to my supervisor and he agrees with me." I paused to stare at the bus driver briefly, thinking a wordless thought equivalent to "What the fuck is this guy talking about?" Then I continued to the seat on autopilot and only when I sat down did I remember the incident a week ago where this pissbaby bus driver with a cis white ego so fragile he kicked a man off the bus for agreeing with him when he called himself a jerk. The same pissbaby driver who basically watched this man beg to be allowed to ride the bus because he had to get to his children so they didn't freeze to death, and still insisted the guy get off the bus, all because his pweshus ego got a booboo. That literally happened an entire week ago, I had forgotten all about it, and between my partial face blindness and how little I cared about this bus driver, I hadn't even recognized the bus driver until after he said that. (He's got the generic 20-or-30-something Portland corporate male hipster face that makes everyone like him look like they were all made from the exact same mold, just another example of one of the multiple types of Generic Stepford Hipster that populate Portland, AKA the real-life equivalents of the NPC so irrelevant that they are all identical and if anyone ever notices it creeps them out.) If he'd kept his yap shut, he wouldn't have had another bruise to his ego. Unless he said what he did because he noticed I didn't recognize him. Given my position, orientation, and destination at the time, this is highly likely to be true. He was looking right at me, he had to have seen the utter lack of recognition in my face.

So yeah, an entire week ago this happened, and he's still so butthurt about it that when he recognized me (I am quite distinctive, the antithesis of his genericness) he had to open his mouth and say something. This further confirmed and lowered my already abysmally low opinion of him, so when I was about to get off (again afraid he'd kick me off for damaging his fragile little ego), I expanded on my thoughts about him. I admitted I hadn't seen the first part of the disagreement, but told him that even if he hadn't been a jerk at that point, his callous disregard for the lives of the man's children made him surpass jerk so fast that it redshifted on its way into "asshole" territory.

The best part? He gave the exact same comeback as he did last week. When I agreed he'd been a jerk, he'd given the comeback "takes one to know one," which I'm sure was really witty back in first grade. And then when I doubled down and called him an asshole (still a shame I forgot to add "callous, heartless" to the front of it), he again said "takes one to know one." LOL! I mean, I know he can't cuss on the job, he's limited in what he can say, but honestly? It's better to be silent than to give a response a third grader would consider passe.

Wait, correction: the best part is going to be the fact that even now, I can't remember his face well enough to recognize him. I've seen his face all of 4 times now, saw his face for maybe a collective total of an entire two minutes, and wasn't really paying attention nor giving a shit for 3 of those times I saw him. And I barely gave a shit this 4th time, too. Literally all I know about the guy's face is he's white, in his 20's or 30's, has a generic and forgettable face, and has a brown beard and mustache trimmed shortish. The only other identifying information I have about him is that twice now he's driven the number 9 bus and stopped at the bus stop with stop ID 4653 at 10:34 pm. And given how few times I've ridden the 9 to this point, that means he's been the driver for my trips on that line 100% of the time so far.

You know, I'm just gonna dawdle next time, not get on the 75 until it would get to me Powell AFTER 10:35. Or not do that, and go to that Safeway on Powell until like, 11. Because after what I've seen of that guy, and the fact he already recognized me before I called him an asshole, I don't trust him to not be as big an asshole to me next time as he was to that guy who was just trying to make sure his kids were safe.

Ugh. What really gets me is that even if I had recognized him, I wouldn't have said anything a second time if he hadn't said something first. Because I had already said my piece and that was the end of it for me. But nooo, he couldn't have just let it go. Whiny little snot-nosed pissbaby.

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