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So Comcast convinced me to get high speed Internet (I think 60 MBPS, ten times the speed of my previous Internet) because it's not any more expensive for the first year than what I had already, and after that it's like $60. Since I'll be keeping $86 a month extra due to my storage unit being closed out, once I pay down my deposit I'll have more than enough money to cover that extra.

When the Internet was first installed in the new apartment, the speed was no better than it had been. There was some confusion where the tech told me I needed a new line put in, and I needed the manager's permission to do that, which I got. But when the new tech got here, he figured out that the problem wasn't the line, it was the ancient modem. And since I'm renting the modem from Comcast, I now have a shiny new modem that has a built in Wi-Fi router!

The speed now is... weird. If I connect the PC to the Wi-Fi, the speed is even worse than it was with the old router and modem. But he plugged the modem into the PC with an Ethernet cable, and now the speed is 71 MBPS! I think either they told me the wrong speed or some mistake in my favor happened, because I was told it would be 60.

I haven't tested the two laptops yet on the Wi-Fi, but the tablet - which was doing about 40 with the old modem and router - is clocking roughly the same speeds as before. So the problem with the PC and Wi-Fi is likely because the PC is old. Old as balls. (Seriously, I think it's like 7 years old or more. And it spent most of that time being used by someone who barely knows how to use computers: my former roommate.)

But by far the best feature, and the reason I'll likely keep this new plan after the year is up, is free access to Xfinity Hotspots. This is a network of Wi-Fi signals around the city that can be accessed by logging into your Xfinity account, expanding the range of places one can use Internet.

The one downside to this is that the netbook (which is old and uses a Linux distro called Zorin and refuses to update anymore) can't access the Hotspots. So I'm gonna add "get a brand-new netbook" to the list of things I need to get eventually, along with a lamp for the living room, more chairs in case I have guests, a recliner, an e-bike, rugs, and a coat rack.

EDIT: On a whim, I called Bike Gallery to talk about financing options. On an Electra Townie e-bike, which start at about $2000, I could get 3 year financing and pay about $96/month. So with that in mind, I think I'll wait until I've gotten the recliner before I do that, if I decide to do that. Because apparently there are e-bikes on Amazon as low as $600-some, with $20 shipping. But to do that, I think I'd have to save for 7 or 8 months, making it easier to do the more expensive bike from Bike Gallery.

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