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Dyson hand dryer sucks

I was at IKEA earlier today, and in the bathroom they had Dyson brand Airblade hand dryers. Me and two other people failed to figure out how to activate them. Looking at them, I don't think they're actually functional. They're just a weird shape on the wall, there's no vent for the air. I think IKEA is trolling us.

Edit: I want to specify, these had no holes of any kind on them. Imagine a plain metal box on the wall with a triangular sort of wedge on the bottom. No holes, no vents, no slits, no fans, no openings of any kind; just a shape. Modern art with a Dyson logo on it. Like if an alien invented a hand dryer, but it didn't work. Kind of looked like that one stealth bomber that's all angles and wedges, but not black, and was just a metal box with a wedge for a bottom.

We tried moving our hands around the arcane device to activate it, every which way, all sides, for various lengths of time and in different motions. Nothing happened. No evidence it was even an actual hand dryer, apart from the text on it saying that it was one, the context, and the Dyson logo. Even tried a second one in case the first was broken, and no such luck.

Here it is:

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