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I have moved.

Just finished moving yesterday. I now live in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, which is kinda far southeast. It's about an hour and a half by Trimet from there to [personal profile] kengr's place. MAX runs until around 1 am or so, but since it's a bit of a long way to the nearest MAX station from Brooke's, when I visit I will either have to leave by 10:30 PM to get the 71 down there, or stay overnight. Since I've been strangely diurnal the last few weeks (which has been useful for the move, I'll say), probably the former; like, head in about noon or 1 or so.

Unpacking now. Between the dust driving me out of my home in intervals and the cold air driving me inside, finding somewhere to be is proving difficult. Luckily, there's a great coffee shop nearby called The Living Room at about SE 17th and Clatsop, across from the Foster's Market and Deli. It's about 3 or 4 blocks from me, and it's HUGE! Doesn't look it from the outside, and it shares a little space with Sellwood Cigar, but yeah, it's the largest coffee shop I've ever seen! You could fit two standard Starbucks in there and have room left over! Free wifi of course, plugs everywhere, options to sit at either tables or comfy fluffy chairs, lots of different sizes and shapes of tables, great decor (homey!), and the prices aren't any higher than normal for Portland. There's so much room here that the number of people in here right now would crowd a Starbucks by quite a bit, but it doesn't feel crowded in here at all. When you order tea, they give you a timer to time how long to let it steep! Oh, and they bring your order to you! (Makes sense, given the sheer size of the place.) The only problems with the place are they're not open on Sundays, and they're only ever open til 5 pm. (Opening at 6 or 7 AM.)

Anyway, the apartment itself is roomy and beautiful. Plenty of storage space; so much I was able to clear out my storage unit. Once my deposit is paid down, I'll have $86 a month extra from that to use on other stuff, mostly I'll be saving towards a winter cloak, a bike, a bread machine, and maybe a few other things. As to the bike, I want one of those electric Townie brand bikes, so I don't have to struggle up hills.

I'm also going to eventually get a miniature washing machine you use sink water on, because I was already tired of REACH charging us $1.50 for washing a single load of laundry, especially given they know we're low income, and this new place's dryers are worse. At the old place, you could put in single quarters for 12 minutes of drying time at a time, but these charge you a flat $1.25 for 60 minutes of drying time, and no other options. I'm gonna be doing a lot of line drying, once I get a line to dry stuff on.

But other than that, and there being no light in the living room (gonna need to get a lamp; I have a small lamp that's adequate, but that one is supposed to be in the bedroom), it's an amazing apartment and the area is FULL of parks and stuff. The apartment is, in fact, just a half block from one such park. Oh, and it's a really safe neighbourhood, and very quiet! Also, it's about a 15 minute walk to the MAX station!

There's a Goodwill nearby, but it's the Goodwill bins, which I think is a fitting name because the way the place works is the customers go through people's garbage to look for hidden treasures. I am so repulsed by the very idea that as soon as I walked in and confirmed it was the bins, I turned right around and walked back out again, going all the way to the MAX station, got off at OMSI, and took the streetcar to a proper Goodwill. Yes, the Goodwill bins is such a vile place that rather than going three blocks from my house, I would sooner go 40 minutes out of my way.

If you don't know what the Goodwill bins is, it is as I said above: customers sort through bins of assorted garbage that's been left at donation centers, risking getting stuck with hypodermic needles, bitten by rats, touching feces, or worse just to try to find something worth the risk. This is a place where they don't have price tags, they charge by the pound. It is an absolutely disgusting place and business model, I really fear for humanity that so many people are willing to do this, without being paid to do it, and in fact paying Goodwill for the "privilege" of doing the worst and most dangerous job in retail history, all on the slim hope of finding something that would have cost them a lot of money in a proper Goodwill.

Anyway, I love the place so far. :)

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