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A thought.

Been going through a list of Harry Potter spells to get more ideas for spells in my Ravenstone stuff, and one thing I noted was how odd it is that in Hogwarts, they teach a spell that can make objects and living things vanish. (Vanishing spell, Evanesco.) They even show it being used on animals in at least one of the books, though that takes a lot of power and concentration. In the Ravenstone verse, something like that would be a form of alchemy and therefore extremely difficult to do, very few witches would be able to manage it. But in Harry Potter, it is scarily easy to do. So easy they teach it to teenagers.

One thought I had about that was: "If animals can be Vanished, why would anyone even *need* Avada Kedavra? Just use an overpowered Vanishing Spell on a person, they cease to exist. Murder with no body left behind, without any trace of dark magic having been used."

Of course, in the Ravenstone verse, the reason such a spell would be so difficult is two-fold. First, you'd have to use magic to sever the chemical bonds between elements, which is atomic/molecular alchemy. Second, living beings have consciousness and Will. The more complex the being / the more complex the consciousness, the stronger its Will is, and the more difficult it would be to use certain kinds of magic on it, like disintegration. Humans and other sophonts can even resist simpler spells like a sleeping spell, meaning that causing another person to do something against their will that was as simple as "go to sleep" takes a lot more power than you would expect, if their Will is strong enough. (Though an alchemist and/or someone sufficiently versed in human anatomy could bypass the Will for a sleeping spell by doing something like pinching off their air flow.) Obviously, someone whose personality was best described as "pushover" would be easier to subdue than someone with a dominant personality.

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