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Is anybody actually gullible enough to pay New York Times for online articles when it should be free? My reaction whenever a news article online is from New York Times and says "you have reached the limit of your free articles" I just click out of it; there's nothing that they've posted ever that's been worth spending money on. Honestly, there's nothing news-y that anyone has posted anywhere on the Internet that's worth spending money on.

And really who the fuck even reads the entire article? The most that I've ever read of 99% of all online articles I've ever read was about 50% of the article.

And before you go thinking this is some Internet era, millennial laziness thing, it really isn't. Newspapers, magazines, Readers Digest articles, the same holds true for all of them. I just don't like nonfiction as reading material. To me, nonfiction is for getting information, and it's been a long-standing tradition of newspapers and now online articles (mostly) to have all the important information in the first half of the article and anything else after that is just pointless bullshit that isn't important, stuff that's only there to bulk up how much the writer is getting paid.

If you want to blame anybody, blame schools. Or blame the people that write these things, because honestly, most nonfiction is fucking boring. And really, it doesn't have to be that way. I've read nonfiction stuff and demi-fiction (which is basically fiction that's written like nonfiction) that is actually interesting.

Of course, making interesting nonfiction that's worth reading is really difficult, especially since not everybody has the same interests. There are things that I can read entire books about that would drive other people insane from boredom.

Anyway, charging people to read newspapers is so 19th-century. Once they invented the radio and tv, it was pretty much over for newspapers. Really, why do print newspapers even exist anymore? I'm pretty sure most people only read them for the comics section. But there's nothing in any newspaper that you can't get elsewhere these days. Give it another 20 or 30 years and I think they won't exist anymore.

PS: I think that these nonfiction articles could be made more interesting if they were written in the style of somebody doing some had juicy gossip or something more personable than the dry academic bullshit or the sensationalist crap that permeates most of these so-called news organizations.

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