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I don't think I've done one of these yet.

I was trying to post this to a community but it obviously didn't work right. I'll just leave it here anyway because it's a nice intro for people who don't already know me.

-Name you would like to go by: Fayanora [fay-uh-nor-uh] (Fay for short)

-Present path or tradition: when I was just starting out this pagan thing, I didn't connect to any earthly deities at the time. That has since changed, but my original path remains. I'm a writer, and I liked to make up cultures and religions for my writing (still do); one of the cultures and its religion I made up for a story resonated with me so hard that I adopted it. It is an alien world and humanoid alien people are one of the races native to it; the path I chose, called Yahgahn, is one of many of the religions of that world, that world being called Traipah.

These are the beliefs that define my path.

And these as well.

This too.

My deities, the four main ones from this list for me being Djao'Kain, Ahndahn, Grahbahn, and Nahtahdjaiz.

Among other differences, is my path has nine elements/directions:

Element....Directional correspondence
1. Metal = East
2. Water = West
3. Light = South
4. Air = North
5. Fire = Above
6. Earth = Below
7. Consciousness = Within
8. Void = Without (outer space plus really anything that isn't one's self)
9. Spirit = Kohrain - Yahgahn word for All. (Means all spacial and temporal directions combined.)

A major reason for this difference is that I don't cast circles, I cast spheres.

Oh, and I'm also a Discordian, with an interest in Eris, Loki, Lucifer, Sutekh, Oya, and Eshu. My path combines both the light and the dark, both the right-hand path and the left-hand path, both order and chaos, and both the profound and the profane into one balanced path that I call the two-hand path.

-Interests: spirituality/paganism, science fiction/fantasy, writing, cryptids, paranormal stuff, weird coincidences, philosophy, science, fairies, letting my inner child play, diversity in fiction, world building (for fiction), constructed languages, ren faires, sci-fi cons, strange and unusual facts, BDSM, magick, horror (paranormal or psychological thrillers only, I can't stand slasher flicks and I'm touchy about gore), superheroes, megalithic geometry, Otherkin, multiplicity, and much much more!

-Age (not mandatory): 36, but a kid at heart.

-Brief Bio: I was born, I grew up, got weird, been androgynous all my life, got bullied a lot as a kid (including sexual harassment in high school) because of those last two things, then in my teens I realized I was actually a woman, began living that truth full time in my twenties. Became pagan in my teens when - in a fit of depression - I went over to a willow tree in our yard and started talking to it just to have something to talk to, and it answered! (Not in words, but in feelings and images.) That started a years-long friendship between us.1 That was The Moment for sure, but I had a bit of a head start, since Mom is a New Ager and Dad is a spiritual agnostic, neither of them remotely Christian.

As an adult, I got diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and autism; I probably have ADHD, too. Life goes on. I have always been highly eccentric, and normal people bore me. My eccentricities are varied and deep, becoming my friend is like falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, only weirder.

I am also a Multiple. Nine of us in the system, two appear as children but given the weird nature of our form of multiplicity (being almost constantly co-conscious, being able to communicate with each other internally, but still having our own distinct thoughts and feelings) are not actually children. One of these two, named Ian, is MIA. Molly Elizabeth - who usually appears to be 7 years old and blonde but sometimes age shifts as high as 18 - is very active in the system. Others in the system include Fayanora Ahnabahn, Tempest, Alex Antonin, Pyrayton Svaenohr (Pi for short), Negarahn, Lolita Leigh Smith (also MIA), and Djao'Kain.


Favorite philosopher: Robert Anton Wilson. I especially love his book "Quantum Psychology."

1 = Until it died. The beginning of the end was when the willow got knocked over by a wind storm, but remained attached enough to keep living. Then the owner of the property had it cut down. I was very sad. So was my little sister.

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