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Competition help please?

Maybe it's just because I'm tired, but I think that now the chapter I'm on is stalled because I know nothing about competitions.

Thing is, I have a dueling competition for my Ravenstone story, which is between two teams of 30 members each. Magical dueling as a sport has four types of competition: Individual, Pairs, Tag-team, and Melee. ‘Individual’ is two individuals from opposing teams dueling each other. ‘Pairs’ is similar, but with two members from each team. ‘Tag-team’ involves groups of three players. And that last one, ‘Melee,’ features two teams of 15 players facing off against each other like it’s a battlefield with opposing armies of witches.

So I basically got as far as "two melee style duels per match" and then ran into a wall. Because I don't know how to organize the rest of it. If I had five tag-team groups on each team, then... how do I match them up? My first instinct was all five duel all the other five. But that would be 25 duels, which even at 15 minutes tops would be over 6 hours, just for tag-team.

I have the same problem with pairs and individual. I can't get off of the idea of "all the groups duel all the opposing groups," mainly because I haven't got a godsdamn clue how this kind of thing is done in actual competitions.

Help me? *puppy-dog eyes*

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