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Star trekking across the universe

I've been watching star trek deep space nine again, and there's something that annoys me with the battle scenes. That is, why do they keep aiming, firing, and aiming again like they're shooting rifles? Why not take out a whole swath of gem hadar with a continuous beam strafe like most Starfleet spaceships do? It'd be faster and more efficient than re aiming all the time!

For that matter, since dampening fields are a thing, why don't the gem hadar use one, blocking phaser fire and going hand to hand? With replicators, Starfleet could replicate old fashioned machine guns with a sci-fi twist of replicated bullets and have an advantage against the dominion. Which would be true even without dampening fields. Bullets beat phasers in killing efficiency every time, especially with automatic or semi-automatic weapons.

Also, I know that genetic engineering is illegal in the Federation, but why not use clones like the dominion does? No genetic engineering is even necessary to clone someone, AFAIK. Cause you aren't changing the DNA.

Oh yeah, and given it's a war, why doesn't the Federation buy some of those impressive weapons like the ones from the episode where Quark is working with his cousin Gaila selling weapons? Some space bazookas would be just the thing to use against a column or two of gem hadar.

What I'm saying is that Starfleet weapons suck, and the way they use them sucks. And I don't get why. Are the writers just stupid? Or was it a deliberate choice for some stupid reason like "Starfleet wouldn't use weapons like that"?

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