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  • Wed, 18:52: RT @peterdaou: Staggering thought: "For the first time in history, Native American women will be represented in US Congress."
  • Wed, 18:52: RT @maddow: Trump newly appointed Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker "was involved in a Miami-based invention-marketing company the Fede…
  • Wed, 18:53: RT @GeorgeTakei: Red states with small, rural populations each get 2 senators in Congress: WY: 573,000 ND: 755,000 SD: 869,000 ID: 1,717,0…
  • Wed, 18:54: RT @SenWarren: .@realDonaldTrump’s firing of Jeff Sessions brings us one step closer to a constitutional crisis. Congress must act to ensur…
  • Wed, 18:54: RT @TeamKano: Build a wand. Learn to code. Make magic. The world's first-ever Harry Potter coding kit, order it now.
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