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Magical game needs a name

So I finally came up with a magical game possibility for my Ravenstone universe. It's played using a 3D field that is generated with magical hologram technology. The playing field has four levels, each level has floors, invisible walls keeping people inside the field, a variety of ways up to higher levels (ladders, powerful trampoline like things, etc) and down to lower levels (slides, holes in the floors, etc). May even have the field randomly generate holes in the floor as a further obstacle. There's also slingshots to shoot the ball up to team mates on higher levels.

The goals are on the top level, of course. Your team has to get from the bottom level to the top with the ball and put it in the right goal. (Carrying it, obviously) The goalies, whether they caught the ball or it scores, have a number of pipes to drop the ball into, and each one goes to a different level. Or they could toss it to someone on the same level. Spells keep the ball from falling out of the playing field, with a few exceptions. There's no ceiling on the top level, and no walls to either side of the goals, so the ball can go out of bounds if you miss the goal, or if you slingshot it from the third level too high and it goes out of the fourth level.

The field is different for every match, but teams are told the layout ahead of time and can practice with that field layout before the games. But this way things are different each time there's an official game. I'm even thinking of things like some levels being slanted up or down, the terrain of a level being like thick mud to try to walk through, less friction than normal on a level, bumpy terrain, one level could be a maze that people on the outside can see in but the person inside can't see out of (or better yet, a maze with invisible walls!), maybe even puzzles to solve to get to the next level.

Basically, it's like a video game you play with your actual physical body, that people can watch. I wanted a game that someone like me (who doesn't like sports) might actually watch. I mean, I'd watch a game or two of Quidditch if it were real (not the ridiculous Muggle version of it, that looks so stupid. Remove the fake brooms from that game and it wouldn't look so stupid), but it'd get dull after a while. Hopefully this game wouldn't.

I also wanted a game that Vedya might be willing to play. So far, the only game I know she likes to play is soccer, but it's not soccer season at the moment in the story. She's too short for football or basketball (she's only 4 foot 3 at age 12), I can't really see her doing tennis or volleyball, and while she has the temperament for hockey, I don't think she'd want that kind of injury risk. So I came up with this instead.

Thing is, I need a name for this game. I may think of one myself, but I welcome ideas for names.

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