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My brain is a stick shift

I think one of the most aggravating things about my roommate is her tendency to talk for a little bit, be quiet for a minute or five, then go back to talking where she left off, or repeating what she said every minute or five, or just randomly start talking to me without even giving any warning she's going to do so, especially when I'm just trying to concentrate on a video or on writing, or reading.

This is so aggravating because my brain is not an automatic, it is a stick shift. When I'm not in "listening to someone talk" mode, my brain filters out what they're saying, so she has to repeat herself. She keeps telling me she thinks I'm going deaf because of this, despite the fact I keep reiterating that no, I heard her, my brain just wasn't in the right gear to process it as more than noise. It's even more aggravating when she does it despite it being obvious I'm wearing headphone. Like no shit I can't hear you when I have headphones on because I'm LISTENING TO SOMETHING ON THE HEADPHONES, you dingus!

So anyway, every time she starts or stops talking, I have to manually switch brain gears from one mode to another. And even if I waited for five or ten minutes to be sure she was done talking, the moment I switched gears again she'd just start up again, like she's psychic and determined to drive me insane. Along with being aggravating, all this constant gear switching can't possibly be good for my brain's transmission!

The one saving grace is that sometimes when she's been doing this, I get so visibly/audibly aggravated that she finally pulls her head out of her own ego and realizes I'm busy, and goes away for a while.

UGH, extroverts are aggravating!

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