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So today the outside temp was in the low 70's or high 60's or something like that, it was cold enough that when I opened the door, I went back for a hoodie for later. And good thing I did, too, because it got so cold on the way back home that even with the hoodie I was really cold. Not quite freezing my ass off, but enough to worry about catching a sniffle.

Then I get home, and the roommate has the fucking air conditioner running, and it was even colder in the apartment than it was outside. It was bad enough that after I turned the AC off, I had to turn the heater on! Utterly ridiculous! At no point anywhere in the last two days has it been remotely close enough to being hot enough to justify having the AC on. And since roommate did not want to hear me asking her about it, or hear me telling her that it was too cold already to justify having the AC on, I just put a plastic-coated copper wire through the holes in the AC plug's prongs, twisted it, and taped a note to the cord saying that the new house rule is that if the outside temperature is anything less than 85 degrees, that the only way the AC is coming on is if roommate pays me $20 a day toward the power bill. If she doesn't like it, tough shit. If she takes the wire out of the prongs and uses it anyway, I'm going to find a lock with a locking bar (or whatever it's called) thin enough to lock it through the prongs, and keep the only key with my other keys. That way, if I'm not home, she's SOL. And if I am, she'll have a bugger of a time figuring out which key is the right key.

Honestly, you'd think someone from the south would have a higher tolerance for hot temperatures than someone from Iowa, but such is apparently not the case.

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