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Magical games

If anyone has any ideas for magical games I can use in my Ravenstone stuff, please let me know. Board games, sports, card games, any kind of games would be welcome.

Some tips/ideas:
* no time travel
* no transfiguration (though glamours can make the illusion of transfiguration)
* toys/game pieces mimicking animals or people would have to be jointed and magi-mechanical
* teleportation is possible
* there are glasses that can see through glamours. I thought there might be some kind of game taking advantage of that
* games could be made that force people to speak no lies, or which transmit jolts of emotion or other sensations
* you could probably think "what kind of games could you make with scifi tech?" and it might be possible
* technology can be integrated into magic and vice versa; Ravenstone witch world contains computers and other tech
* maybe games that help the magical education of young witches by helping with the techniques they need for spell crafting?
* toys that could pass as regular technological toys, but are magic
* levitation and flight are possible
* magical, sentient AIs exist

Only thing I have so far is 4D chess, which is like 3D chess but has an extra set of boards in a small, portable pocket dimension connected to the board. Oh, and paired long-distance games that use magic to play with someone far away. (Play real chess or checkers or whatever with someone on the other side of the world or even in another world, as long as time works the same in both worlds.)

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