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Snakes as pets in Portland

For a story I'm writing, I have two questions about snakes as pets in Portland, Oregon metro area.

First, I wanted to know if it is legal to go around town with a snake wrapped around your shoulders.

Which led me to try to find out what snakes are legal to keep as pets. The definitions I found were a bit vague. Says no venomous reptiles, that's clear enough, but then it says no pythons capable of getting to eight feet or more. And like, so I need to know if rosy boas are legal by this definition. My character also has a corn snake.

That second point is less important, as I already know she's breaking the law by keeping a pet cobra, but considering that there's a bunch of magical creatures far more dangerous than a cobra in their house, I don't think anyone mundane is going to be welcome there anyway. So I can live with vagueness on that point.

So what I most need/want is to know if one can legally carry a rosy boa or corn snake around in public in PDX. Because if she could get away with that, she would.

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