The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Bit of Mad Libs fun

So Thanksgiving day work was open, and I was scheduled. We were only open till 5. The call volume was so poor... how poor was it? Well, the building is one floor only, but covers a lot of space. Imagine a room with a maximum capacity of 900 people (this is including computers and cubicles for everyone), usually having several hundred people in it, and on Thanksgiving there was a total of 13 people in the entire building, including myself and one supervisor. And we still had almost no calls. I think I had 5 calls in 4 hours. So I read a lot. But they were also handing out fun things to do. One was a Mad Libs sort of thing. The underlined words were my additions:

It's Thanksgiving Day and a lost hair scrunchy player is making his way through the Thanksgiving Day Parade route in Baghdad, Iraq. The parade chaos is making it difficult for him to reunite with the Lucky Charms Marching Band. The musician has to make his way through krills, Brussels sprouts, and ottomans. He fucks for miles, and wonders if he will ever find his Betsy-Wetsy doll. After walking on his testicles for 666 minutes, the band member spots the neon beige uniforms and the propeller beanies that his band wears. "Nargleplex," he exclaims gleefully. Soon the hair scrunchy player is back with his band. The band begins to play Highway To Hell and merrily marches along.

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