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Autistic Potter Bk 4 Chaps 12 and 13

Bleh. Once more forgot to announce chapter 12. So again this will have two chapters in it.

Book 4, chapters 12 and 13 of Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals are published!

Chapter 12 title: "Important Questions"

Chapter 12 blurb: Harry gets some new allies. He tries to sort out his feelings for Luna, and he and Ms. Pennyroyal discuss the Goblet's contract. Among other goings-on.

Links to book 4, chapter 12:

AO3 version version

BigCloset Version


Chapter 13 title: "Important Answers"

Chapter 13 blurb: MAC meetings, date procurement, preparation for the Yule Ball.

Links to book 4, chapter 13:

AO3 version version

BigCloset Version

Series pages, etc:

Series page AO3

HPATTWNT book 1 page and Book 2,

Book 3,

HPATTWNT chapter 1, BigCloset

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