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There's this game I play on my tablet called Godus, where you get to play God to a little civilization of tiny people, collect belief and use that to sculpt the land and send them off exploring and building houses and farms and mines. It's a lot of fun, though sometimes followers get stuck and you have to guide them carefully where they need to go. Or else just squish them.

There's a new mini game in it now where you send followers to islands, and you have to use belief to sculpt them a safe path. Problem is, I'm stuck on this one island because you can give these little dipshits the most painfully obvious route to their destination and they're too fucking stupid to go there. Literally these dumb fuckers can be bumping right into their destination and not see it. I mean this is ridiculous, you basically have to give them literally nowhere else to go or they wander all over the island even if they were bumping into it five minutes ago!

Whoever programmed this minigame needs to get a taser to the genitals for making them this fucking stupid!!!

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