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Black Panther

(This isn't going to be very organized, I'm just putting down thoughts as I have them.)

The other day on Tumblr I bemoaned the fact that it looked like Black Panther would stop showing in the area before I had money again, and so one of my followers sent me some money for a ticket to go see it. Thus, I did so tonight because I didn't trust the weather to cooperate tomorrow or later. Plus, the longer I let the money sit there, the more tempting it would be to spend on food instead.

Anyway, so Black Panther is an AWESOME movie. There's only like, two white people in the whole thing, aside from some background characters, and one is a villain and the other is an ally. It's so refreshing! (Honestly, I was bored of all-white casts in movies even before I was a teen.) All of the black characters are awesome! Andy Serkis's character was awesome too; that arm cannon was fucking cool! I didn't like the CIA guy (the other white character), but that could be mainly because I hate the actor who plays him. Though I did love a snarky line regarding him said by T'Challa's younger sister Shuri, the tech guru. (Honestly, I love her character; I have a crush on Shuri, in fact, and I think she should get her own movie. I don't even care what she does in it, as long as it's full of her energy and snark. Seriously, Shuri is half of what makes this movie great.)

Beautiful movie. Bloody gorgeous! Parts of it looked like a live-action Lion King, a lot of it was awesome scifi gadgetry. I liked how the urban parts of Wakanda looked like a cross between some actual African cities I've seen, some Saudi Arabian cities, and Atlantis from Stargate Atlantis.

Oh, and I absolutely LOVE the costume designs, especially the colorful traditional Wakandan tribal clothing. Oh, and evil as Killmonger is, those scars he put all over his body are gorgeous and I just want to run my hands over them. (I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers, oh no! :D Meow meow, sexy man, please let me cuddle your hunky nekkid bod! :D )

The accents in the movie are cool too! I don't know if they were mimicking existing accents or not, nor what language's accent it was if they were, but the "Wakandan" accent is SO cool. It's like the British accent's much cooler older brother; like, if the British accent was Ron Weasley, then the Wakandan accent is Bill Weasley. Truly, they could probably read from a technical manual with that accent and it would be worth listening to.

The movie was two hours and 15 minutes long, which - while long by modern movie standards, honestly I think they should've made it at least 20 to 30 minutes longer the improve the story's pacing, but as it was it was 97% perfect. Good thing I knew it was that long before I went in, so I could make sure to drain my kidneys before it started. I think I would have risked wetting myself rather than missing even a minute of it!

An early bit of coolness was recognizing one of the backstory's characters as the guy who plays the black father in "This Is Us." Took me like 10 minutes to realize who he was, though I recognized him at once.

Going on... despite his dumb nickname, Killmonger is an awesome villain. He's kind of up there with Magneto, honestly, insofar as I agree with him on everything he says and does except for the whole "killing innocent people" thing.

I do wonder one thing about the world of this movie: the Wakandans seem to make damn near everything out of vibranium, and they seem to be able to recycle used vibranium. Which, honestly, these two things create two problems, to me. Vibranium is supposedly the strongest metal in the Marvel world, stronger even than adamantium... so uh... how is it that like half a dozen or more vehicles made of vibranium manage to get blasted apart by vibranium-powered sonic cannons? Or is that a case of sonic-screwdrivering the whole thing apart? Probably not... some of said vehicles went up in a fireball. Isn't vibranium supposed to be stronger than adamantium? (Though how they figure that, I don't know.)

My point is that adamantium, once shaped, can't be reshaped with any known technology, at least from what I've heard; once it cools and hardens, that's it, that's the shape it will be in until the end of time. Yet the plot of Black Panther seems to imply that vibranium can be reshaped. (Otherwise what's the point of stealing that old tribal weapon made of the stuff? It doesn't have any special powers, AFAIK; it's just an ordinary weapon made of super-strong metal.)

Also, given the supposed instability of vibranium, and other things I've heard on YouTube videos about the metal, it's kind of a miracle one of two things didn't happen: 1. Why didn't the Wakandans accidentally blow themselves to kingdom come at any point? Some of the things I've heard about vibranium make it seem like one wrong move and the whole piece of vibranium can explode from the titular vibrations inherent in it. 2. For similar reasons, how did the vibranium meteorite manage to hit the planet without causing another mass extinction? Though on that second point, they did say the meteorite hit Africa "millions of years ago," so maybe in that universe it was that meteorite that ended the dinosaurs? Though if it did, I'm surprised anything of it was left. In some ways, vibranium reminds me of naquedah from Star Gate SG1. (Super strong, great for technology, can also make a big boom if you're not careful.)

What movie is it that has one of the Wakandan warrior women saying "Move or you will be moved" or whatever that quote was? I ask because I thought it was this one, but I didn't see it anywhere.

Anyway, that's all the thoughts I had about Black Panther for now.

Oh, one last thing: I read yesterday that Black Panther hit one BILLION at the box office. !O_O!

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