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Black Mirror

Until today, the only episodes of Netflix's Black Mirror I'd seen was the thing about the adaptive horror VR game and part of the one about social network status being the end-all be-all of life. I liked the first one, hated the second one. (Seriously, The Orville did the same idea much better.) The social network episode kind of turned me off of the series for a long time.

But then today Netflix caught my eye with an ad for the "USS Callister" episode because of the obvious Star Trek aspects. Thought it was going to be a parody of Star Trek but OMG no it was 10,000 times better! Holy SHIT that is a superb episode! OMG!!! Fucking terrifying, once I figured out what was going on.

Then I went on to "Arkangel." It's about this mom getting her daughter this implant that tracks her location with GPS, monitors vitals, lets you see and hear what the kid does at any time, and has an option to blur out anything that raises the kid's cortisol levels.

Well, there are just so many things wrong with that technology that you could probably make an entire mini-series about that technology alone. The episode seems to be focusing on two aspects: the privacy violation aspect, and the negative side effects of not being able to see or hear anything stressful. But even just focusing on those two aspects alone, there's a bunch of alternate ways to explore that. Here are some paths I can think of:

* Kid can't see a threat, gets killed by it.
* Kid can't see a threat, gets kidnapped.
* Something bad happens to someone, she can't help them because she can't see it, someone dies as a result, friends and loved ones get angry at her for not helping. Then they get angry at the mom for having the fucking filter on.
* System gets hacked, the data is used to kidnap the kid, or take photos of the kid naked from their own eyes without their knowledge either for the obvious reason or to blackmail the family (or the kid when she's a teen), or to stalk them.
* Once the filter is finally dropped, the kid becomes even more obsessed with seeing things that would have been blurred before until she becomes a serial killer.

I like their exploration of the privacy violation, though, because it highlights a lot of stuff people already do that's fucked up in terms of violating their children's privacy, and some things the mom does could probably count as child abuse. (Aside from the entire system being abusive just for existing.)

If you see no other episodes of Black Mirror, see these two. They are awesome!

Edit: "Black Museum" is fucking awesome too! MWAH HA HA HA HA!

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