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My old/current Fire 7 tablet only has 8 GB onboard data storage, and a lot of that was taken up by the OS. It only took me a few months to regret getting such a small tablet, it seriously limits how many apps I can have. I've had it for years, and now even with deleting all the unused apps I can, and deleting or moving as much as I can to the SD card, it's still giving me a "97% full" warning. That's with a bunch of apps running from the SD card! It's so bad that the last time I downloaded an audiobook from Overdrive, it only downloaded half of the thing. I had to read the first half, delete that half, then download the other half!

So yeah, next month I'm getting this: Fire HD 8 tablet, 32 GB. (They don't seem to sell the 7 that big anymore.) I can get it for $22 a month for 5 months. Four times as much onboard storage! Also a longer battery life. I'll be able to redownload a bunch of old apps I had to delete! (The old one will go to my friend Brooke, at least long enough for her to figure out if she wants it. It should be fine for her needs, assuming I can reset it back to factory specs properly.)

My current tablet I rather uncreatively named "Fay's Fire." Now for this one, I've already narrowed down the names to either Morphahr (TPNN for "fire") or Agni (Hindu spirit of fire). I wanted to go with the Navajo word for fire, but it's got special characters and I don't even know how to make my voice make the sound of it. So, either Morphahr or Agni.

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