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Roommate tried using my ergonomic keyboard the other day. Along with the perplexed stare at the wonky broken-up curve of the thing, she also noticed many of the letters have worn off, and she was like "How do you type on this when so many letters are missing from the keys?" I just shrugged. I mean, I just type. I know where the keys are, I don't even have to look (unlike my dad, who despite having been a professional writer off and on for decades, still does "hunt and peck" with two fingers). I just know where they are, and I type. My hands know what to do. I think of the words, and the hands do the rest.

Though ever since she's said that, I've started transposing my G's and C's and having to look and go "okay, the G is still visible, so this blank key right next to the X is the C. And the one on the other side of the C is a V. Right." Also the S, D, O, and M are mostly worn off.

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