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Bit of a rant

Quora question: As a person with Autism/Aspergers, do you often talk about things no one wants to hear?

My answer:

No. If someone doesn’t want to listen to me talk about something, why would I waste the time barraging them with my prattle? I know I can’t stand it when allistic (non-autistic) people yammer on at me about football or the weather or fashion or wrestling or whatever is the current Boring Neurotypical Prattle Subject Of The Week. So I return the favor.

Oh wait, right, we’re talking about neurotypical people, who think everyone is just as capable as they are and thus expect us to read their minds instead of just flat out telling us “I don’t like that subject, it’s boring, talk about something else.” So yeah, I probably have. And the implication with questions like this is always that it’s me doing something wrong when hey, neurotypicals: if something is boring you, SAY SO! When you bore me, I either say you’re boring me or I give a very clear signal that—-oh what’s that? You’re going to keep yammering at me about the weather or your cats when I have headphones on, sunglasses on, and I’m staring at my Kindle and risking car sickness on this bus just so I can give Only The Biggest Signal Ever That I Don’t Want To Talk With You?

Wow, and I thought you people were supposed to be the perceptive ones? So how is it that 75% of the neurotypicals I run into during a day don’t know how to tell that I have negative 120 interest in socializing, but I can tell someone’s bored of my prattle within 30 seconds or less? Gee, that’s interesting. Maybe the problem isn’t us, maybe the problem is with you?

Sorry for that rant there, but yeah, had to be said.

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