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Before I start this post, I just want to say I'm tired of calling my roommate my roommate. I can't use her real name because she doesn't want me to. But she has a Traipahni name I gave her: Zahvahshlynn Kusahndjiirah Kiinbahn. So I will call her Djiirah for short.

This morning I was awoken by a new kind of pain I'd never felt before. It was in my back, but it wasn't normal back pain, and it was a bit nebulous in where precisely in my back it was. Back pain, as I've experienced it before, is merely annoying; this was INTENSE. It came in slow waves, waxing and waning, and sometimes was mostly bearable. I was so concerned about it I discussed it with Djiirah, and with her help we figured out that it was too low to be my kidney, likely too high to be an intestine. She thought it was a back spasm.

From her description of back spasms and how they're treated, there's only three treatments: 1. Muscle relaxants that only take care of the problem temporarily by relaxing ALL muscles, which can fuck up your anal muscles and make you shit yourself. 2. Chiropractors which probably aren't covered by Medicare. 3. Acupuncture, which at this one place you can pay as little as $7 for if you're poor.

I tell you, this pain was so intense even at its lower levels that I was ready to run to that acupuncture place to try it, but there was something off about the pain. The nebulousness of where it was located, and the fact that when it started it felt slightly like gas pain made me suspicious. Also there was the fact that rubbing my abdomen was helping with the pain. So I took a couple simethicone just in case. Then the pain turned itself up so far that suicide sounded like a good idea, but I was in no position to attempt it. When it faded, I knew for a fact it was gas pain; only gas pain ever gets intense enough for me to cry and want to die. Especially since pieces of the pain started breaking off from the main pain.

Fifteen minutes later, I was laying down again and the pain was fading. I was able to get back to sleep.

Fuck, that was difficult. I would rather have the most terrible of migraines than gas pain. At least migraines just made me miserable in a no-energy way, and I just take pain reliever and try to sleep it off. Gas pain is ALWAYS horrible, ALWAYS too intense to sleep through, and this was was worse than usual for being confusing enough that I wasn't able to take simethicone right away.

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