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Tarot journal day 3

One card draw: Eight of cups.

Because it's another Cups, I'm not going to write my own impressions this time. It's just a cup with bats flying again, only four of them this time.

Book: You will get what you hoped for, but you may be being overcautious. Reversed: Great happiness or joy, feasting or pleasure.

Dunno if it matters, but when charging the cards I used green fire instead of Djao-Kain's usual red-orange fire.

Two card draw: The Star and Four of Cups.

The Star: Picture of a unicorn in a church with a stained glass window of a unicorn. There's a star on the “real” unicorn's horn, made of light. I'm gonna guess purity and innocence, light magick, but a certain fierceness all the same.

Four of cups: I already know cups are good. I don't have anything to add, I got a Cups card first time out, a few days ago.

Book says:

The Star: Wisdom, immortality, accomplishing your goals, generosity, and understanding. Spiritual enlightenment. Satisfaction, hope, bright prospects, destiny, insight, progress to your goals.

Reversed: Frustration, impotence, theft. Unfulfilled expectations, disappointment, abandonment.

Four of cups: A friendly warning that your negative outlook is screwing you over. Displeasure, dissatisfaction, weariness with life. Imaginary vexations, disgust.

Reversed: new people, things, or opportunities are coming to you.

My thoughts on this combo: Clearly they can compliment each other, whether reversed or not. If you got reversed Star and reversed Four of Cups, it'd probably mean much the same as an upright Four of Cups. Frustration and disappointment mixed with new opportunities, you know. Upright Star and reversed Four of Cups would be a good sign. Both of them upright could again mean much the same as an upright Four of Cups, but basically saying that your attempt to be remembered after death (your form of immortality) might be suffering from your attitude. Could indicate creative blocks like depression or writer's block. Or maybe something going wrong with your social standing, if that's your form of immortality. Seems like a draw Harvey Weinstein might have gotten before the scandal hit the press. Reversed Star and upright Four of Cups would be like underlining the warning that your attitude is screwing you over and then adding several exclamation points to it.

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