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Tarot journal day 2


Same deck, I only have the one. (Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot)

One a day:

Five of wands. It's a wand with five dragons in a pattern on the card. I honestly don't remember what wands are in tarot, I'm going to guess they have something to do with creating change, imposing your will on the world, or something else to do with changes in your life. This may be totally off, that's just my impression. I'm doing this wrong, WikiHow said get familiar with the tarot, but my memory is bad enough I'm gonna need the book every time anyway, might as well see how this goes, since yesterday's impressions were pretty accurate.

Anyway, moving on. There's a Roman numeral V for five of wands. V is given as a peace sign, dunno if that's relevant. Let's see... dragons... fire. Magic is energy, so is fire. And both have connections to air; dragons because these dragons fly, wands because of the magic → spirit → air connection.

And that's the end of my impressions. Checking the sources now.

Insert says something about “there will always be disagreements in clan meetings, cooperation is key.” (shrugs)

Book says: wands are about business or financial affairs, but in the sense of potential, ambition, and personal effort towards success. So my interpretation of wands having to do with imposing your will on the world is kinda right. Wands are also apparently about starting out impoverished or an underdog and clawing your way to better circumstances, which makes sense. Also there's bravery in this suit, you have to be brave to fight the odds and be a self-made person. Wand people are intelligent, gifted, ambitious, trustworthy, and hard-working.

Five of wands: greed, competition for financial gain, and hardship. But it can also signify a windfall if other signs align with that idea.

Upright: See above.

Reversed: The competition is neither fair nor honest. Expect trickery, disputes, or even legal troubles.

Card combos again.

Nine of swords and Queen of swords. Gods I hope the cards aren't trying to tell me something, when I haven't even been asking them questions yet.

Queen of swords is a black-feathered angel. A fem angel, holding a rose. She looks like a Goth. I'm not gonna go into my impressions of swords again. But the queen looks a lot more chill than the king yesterday.

So insert says... nine of swords: you're up all night with questions and doubts, let me sooth your furrowed brow. Queen of swords: I admire your honesty, but you're holding something back. I can't help you unless you stop holding back.

Book says... Nine of swords: Death, failure, or utter despair. (I REALLY hope the cards aren't trying to tell me something now.) This is the worst card in the DECK apparently. At best it can mean illness, loss of money or property, and unhappiness. It means an unrelenting enemy, whether literal or bad luck. It can also mean that if you're doing something wrong or evil, you will be caught and punished.

Reversed: Shame, fear, doubt, suspicion, or an unreliable person influencing things.

Queen of swords is a woman of power and authority, or a symbol of personal loss, emotionally devastating situations. “She will be perceived by the questioner to be a malicious, domineering, or selfishly spiteful woman.” If not a person, then widowhood, personal loss, emotionally devastating situations. King represents physical danger, queen represents emotional danger. Along with those, upright could also indicate betrayal by someone you thought was a friend.

Reversed: A powerful, evil, deceitful woman, or else an extremely unhappy or just embarrassing situation.

These two cards together probably are not good. Some shit is gonna go down and the best you can hope for is to weather the storm. If I get many more cards like this in these random draws for getting to know the cards, I might just give up on tarot.

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