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Tarot journal

WikiHow said to familiarize yourself with the tarot deck, and gave some ideas for that. I did a couple tonight, and here's what I have so far:
(First bits are my own thoughts and feelings based solely on looking at the cards. Then I look at the definitions in the book.)

Tarot journal. Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot.

Card a day



Seven of cups.

Well, it's a cup of blood and there's seven bats flying around. It's kinda cool, I guess. Bats make me think of flying. Blood is life. It's red and passionate. There's also iron in blood, which is an Earth element. So earth, air, and fire represented there. Oh and water because there is water in it. Spirit is life, so all five elements are represented.

I think the languages the card is in are English, Latin, German, and French. Those languages have their own energy. Dunno how to describe them. Hmm... English is mundane. German is fierce and warrior like. Latin is occult and magical. So is French.

Lot of vampires in this deck, so a blood cup says to me healing and preservation. Whether what's preserved should be or not could depend on how it fits with other cards, and also with whether it's upright or inverted. (It was upright, here.)

Life and spirit being represented, I'd say love could possibly fall under this. After all, I'd hope a vampire would only choose to eternally preserve someone they loved or thought they could love.

The iron in blood making an earth connection could represent some down to earth, mundane aspect as well. Kinda connects back to love, too. Love is spirit but also earth and fire, and air.

Book definition...

Cups as a suit is opposite to swords. It's love in all forms. Genuine caring for others, kindness, healing. Fits with what I gleaned from the card so far.

Cups originally represented the clergy in medieval times, because of wine. That can carry over to any religion. Cups is the best aspects of the clergy, so is opposite to swords that way. (Swords being the worst of the warrior class's things. [whatever that means]) While those in charge of the church were just as bad as warrior class, both being nobility, they're not represented in this suit. It's local priests, lower class sorts. (Strikes me that could represent witches, too, since they were medicine women and did some clergy type things as well.)

Modern day, cups represents anyone who loves and cares for others, especially philanthropists, humanitarians, charities, etc. On a personal level, cups represents close family members, true friends, lovers, etc. In general cups reveals unselfish devotion to individuals or ordeals. (The hufflepuff of the tarot.)

Cups signifies good things in your life, love, happiness, good health, general pleasantness.

Seven of cups itself:

Imagination and visions, either fantastic or reflective.

Upright: abundance of fresh but indefinite ideas or mental images in questioner's mind. Nothing permanent or substantial. If reversed: determination, resolution, strong desires and plans, planning and protects.

Interesting to note that this card was reversed in the deck when I drew it. Way I drew it righted it by mistake. I'm new to this.

Two card combo:

First: four of swords. Second: king of swords. Both were inverted. (Properly inverted this time, I think.)

Swords... Strength. This deck associates them with angels. So there's white feathers in each, I guess it's supposed to symbolize purity, but white means death, entropy, and order to me. Angels are servants of God. I guess they appear in multiple religions, though. There's a sword in each card (naturally). To me, also symbolizes death, war, governments, tyranny, power over others. Sounds like a good meaning for an inverted card, I haven't looked at the meanings for either of these yet, nor definition for the suit in general.

Anyway, swords can also represent protection, especially of the weak. I have protection knives and protection swords in my mythos. Though this sword is the typical cross shaped sword. Which fits with the angel motif.

The angel in the king of swords card is in armour, looks like a bro, though. He's in battle stance, kinda (his sword is pointing down). I suppose an inverted card could mean a fallen angel, which is cooler than a regular angel. Has a connection to the devil card in that way, to my mind. So a choice between chaos and order, good and evil. Not sure how strong that connection is.

Booklet that came with the deck suggests the king of swords is about seeking justice and impartial judgement. Four of swords is about giving comfort and aid for rest and contemplation when lots of people have been demanding your time and energy.

Tarot book I have says swords represent enemies, danger, worldly power, misfortune, violence, and death. Also tyranny of the ruling class. So I'd say my interpretation earlier is spot on.

Book also says swords mean false friends, treacherous business associates, etc. And kinda suggests narcissists, in it warning about people who are only out for themselves. Says this is a dangerous and ominous suit to get, they're not just obstacles but potentially deadly. Given that angels were God's warriors, and fallen angels were rebels, I'd say from my interpretation of the cards that upright is dangerous authority figures and inverted is potentially deadly people either rebelling against authority or against you. Then again, having not looked at the entry for the card itself, it could potentially be a fellow rebel ally.

And with the four being inverted too, I'd guess that means a rebel of some sort is working against the questioner. Luckily I didn't have any question in mind, just drawing cards to familiarize myself with them.

Says also that the royal cards in this suit represent absolute power corrupting absolutely.

Moving on to reading the book's entries for the cards...

King of swords is a leader, one sure of his rule and his decisions. Questioner will see him as someone with unclear motives. He's selfish, dangerous, will chew you up and spit you out if you are in his way. He sits in judgment but does not represent justice. (So contradicting the insert, there.) If not a literal person, then a similar situation, possibly even life and death.

Reversed: an evil man, or has evil intentions. Cruelty, barbarity, perversity. Like Donald Trump.

Four of swords: so far agreeing with deck insert. (giving comfort and aid for rest and contemplation when lots of people have been demanding your time and energy.)

Reversed: greed, bad dreams, short illness, or temporary financial problems. Envy or pretty jealousy. Minor misfortunes.

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