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Enormous book!

So... I got this book ("Natural Satanic Witchcraft" by Kindra Ravenmoon) because it has malevolent uses for gemstones, which is information I can't find anywhere else, even though it was $22. I needed this information for my Ravenstone fiction story, it might be useful for that, when it comes time to decide wands for villains and/or dark witches in the story. (Okay, honestly Alex wanted it first, but whatever. He wants a lot of things I haven't gotten him, I only got this one because it had the gemstone information in it.)

When I ordered it, I was confused why it was $22, but I got it anyway, because Amazon had it cheapest of anywhere I could find it. Anyway, once I got it out of the Amazon locker (much more secure than having it delivered at home and risking them leaving it outside where the local meth heads could steal it), I immediately was like "What the fuck? This is the book? The package is HUGE!" And sure enough, out came this enormous book. Like, no bloody wonder it was $22, and I feel now like I got a bargain. I think it's so huge because it's a large print book. (None of this was mentioned anywhere on the page for the thing.)

Still, a bit annoying, this book. No index, no table of contents. I'm going to have to read through the headers of every page to find the information I'm looking for, if it's even in there. I'll be very annoyed if it isn't.

And no, I did not get the name Ravenstone from her "Ravenmoon" name. I got it from "Ravenwood," which I heard somewhere, and changed it from Ravenwood to Ravenstone.

Image under the cut for size.

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