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Pretty awesome!

Well, Chrissy changed her mind about my multiplicity, thanks to kengr's "[adamance]" about it, and also because as a result of that, she did some research online. I'm not 100% on what her opinion actually is, but since she seems to have noticed - as I have - that everyone is a multiple to some degree, even if only scientifically speaking, then it seems she's fairly close in opinion now to mine. This is good.

I also have a wireless internet card for my computer. But, not knowing how to install it, I shall have to wait for kengr or Chrissy to help me install it. One or both of them also needs to do some setup on the software, too, so my computer can access her router. (Her wifi router requires special passwords or something to use, so the neighbors don't mooch off her wifi connection. And yes, Brooke, also because no one in the house is allowed to look up porn. I know all that. :-)

Well, that's all for now.
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