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Wish I was well off

Research for my writing would go a lot faster if I had the money to buy the research books I need. I already needed the first Crystal Bible (I have volume 2, I need volume 1), this one book that has the malevolent uses for crystals (even if it's total BS, it'll be useful for the Ravenstone story), but now I find myself wanting to let Nizoni speak her native Navajo language in the books, and it occurred to me that even though Dalia doesn't know how to speak Navajo (she can understand it, though), she might still at least know the word for "mother" and call Nizoni that instead of "mama." But I can't find the word for "mother" online anywhere.

Sure, there's some resources online, but not many for Navajo, and the ones that are there are scattershot. I think that's the word. I'll be getting a Kindle version of a Navajo/English dictionary, but I'd like to be able to hear the language. Interestingly, I was getting good at mimicking the sounds of Navajo on this one online lesson I found, but it cut off halfway through and the second half appears to be missing.

(It is a sad fact that while I excel at mimicking foreign language sounds, I think I need immersion to learn more than a few words of any language other than English.)

Anyway, if anyone wants to help me out, I now have an Amazon wish list specifically for research materials:


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