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Dream from a few days ago

This dream was from a few days ago, it was on my tablet. (Which doesn't post to Dreamwidth anymore for some reason.)

Had a weird dream just now. Started with going back to Shenandoah Iowa, to the orange house we used to live in to see it. This little black girl living there said something about her parents being in there and they'd invite me for dinner if I helped her open the door, which I did. Well I looked inside and it was clearly abandoned with cobwebs everywhere, no furnishings at all.

I turned to tell her this but she vanished into thin air. It was a trap! The house was evil and full of monsters. One was bounding toward the door, so I ran for it. Other monsters, all looking like hairless orange dogs, had me surrounded. I grabbed a 2 x 4 and beat the monsters in the heads with it, knocking them out. I gutted the monsters to be sure and when I was done, I called lightning down on the house, destroying it utterly.

As I walked up the one road and down the big hill on the intersecting road to Justin Reed's old house, fire fighters were responding to the destroyed house. I went to Justin's place and found he had Michael Jackson as a house guest. I grabbed a full gallon jug of water and clocked Michael Jackson in the head with it, knocking him out.

I ran for it, the cops hot on my trail. I called back to them something like "Homer Simpson does stuff like this all the time and he always gets away with it." Homer appears, taking up the chase from the cops and says something like he never hit a celebrity or something like that. He has a gun.

I start... Well the dream called it scat singing but it was actually me doing a barbershop quartet song in harmony with myself, which just happened to be Homer's phobia, making him stop and watch me as I ran backwards away from him. When I'm far enough away to where he cannot hear my singing, he starts shooting. I sing louder, but it doesn't stop him this time. Luckily, the bullets are slow enough I can avoid them.

I lead Homer on a merry chase in one direction, and when he turns his head to make sure he doesn't run into a tree, I bolt in another direction behind a house and lose him.

And that's when the alarm woke me. Not the weirdest dream ever, probably not even the twentieth it thirtieth weirdest dream I've ever had, but weird.

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