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Ace community census

Filled out a survey, the Ace Community Census because I'm demisexual, and something in it made me think. It was talking about LGBT communities offline and how often I go to them, whether I have access or not, and if I would go assuming I had access. I basically said that I do have access to offline LGBT groups but I never go and wouldn't go. And that's basically true, because honestly I don't see the point of those groups, in regard to myself. I know they're good places for some people, but I personally just have never seen a need or had a desire to go to them, because I never really saw the point. Everything I need I have online. I can't think of a single reason to go to an offline group, that wouldn't be covered by some other thing like a gay bar or a dating website for LGBT people.

Same applies to offline asexual places. I mean, I might join an asexuality-centered group, but beyond that I don't see the point.

On a vaguely related note, insofar as it relates to another question on the survey, my desire for sex is largely more of a fantasy, honestly, than anything else. I've had sex with other people. I don't get much out of it, it's a lot of work for not a lot of reward. I've never climaxed from someone else's actions, the only time I've climaxed is during masturbation.

What I *do* get a lot out of is cuddling and other forms of non-sexual intimacy. I am definitely FAR more romantic than sexual.


... I might actually be more ace than I thought. *Shrugs* Dunno.

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