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The Thing

I just saw both versions of The Thing, 1982 and 2011. I think it was 2011, anyway.

My thoughts: the original had better pacing, a more psychological type of horror. The story made perfect sense, too. But the special effects were better in the new movie, and the thing about metal fillings was a nice touch.

The remake was technically a prequel, following the original Norwegian group that first uncovered the monster. The one scientist dude was a bit of an ass, being sexist and drilling into the thing, and so on.

There were some things I thought weren't quite clear. I'm not sure how the thing managed to thaw itself and break out of the ice, that felt to me a bit like a diabolos ex machina. I'm pretty sure the two-faced version of the thing got away to the ship and was exploded on the ship, but then we see it later in the snow, burned and frozen. I mean, I suppose the one on the ship didn't look the same and could have been an offshoot, but still, not clear. Also unclear is how the final dude survived when our protag (a woman) did not, or appeared to be stranded, that was unclear as well. Both those things. Oh, and the "dog" getting away, how did that happen?

I want to know why the thing didn't just become a whole bunch of bugs after it broke out and infect everyone sneakily. The creature in these movies isn't very bright, despite being able to fix cars and spaceships and so on.

It would be interesting to see a version of the movie where the creature was actually intelligent and sneaky. Maybe leaving most of its original body in the ice, sending some offshoots burrowing through the ice to hide among the humans, someone leaves and doesn't notice the tiny insects along for the ride.

Why yes, I would like to see a version where the monster gets off Antarctica and maybe onto a military base somewhere else. It's not our world, just fictional, so why not watch it burn? (For "burn," read "get taken over by an alien shapeshifter.")

Also, nightmare fuel: the thing takes over some xenomorphs.

The thing in this movie also reminds me of a species from one of my own fantasy worlds, the Harun. They're shapeshifters that can mimic cells too, and are super-intelligent. Only real differences are that they don't "eat" people to do it, and they have magic. They take a sample of the DNA and that combined with magic lets them spread the information they need to all their cells to copy a person. And their cells are pretty smart as well; the Harun would be able to sneak out of Antarctica without a problem. But they don't spread like the thing does, they're not like that. They prefer to terraform planets instead.

Another difference, if the Harun ever decided to spread the way the thing does: they're perfectly willing and able to sacrifice parts of themselves for the cause. If they ever got found out, the hot-wire-and-blood test in the original movie wouldn't work.

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