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Oh the problems of being a leftist

It’s really annoying that I know people who are compassionate, liberal, who try to do good things, people who have been poor, that I’ve heard argue homeless people shouldn’t be helped because they know a homeless person who refused a job offer or refused shelter. I’ve tried explaining that in our shitty capitalist society begging for spare change usually pays better than most legitimate jobs, and that some people have been homeless so long that they don’t know anything else and psychologically can’t accept shelter because it’s too different from what they know. That as horrible as it is to be homeless, it’s easier for some people to keep being homeless than it is to accept the risk and uncertainty of shelter. And that even if these things weren’t true, a few bad eggs would not mean you shouldn’t help people if you can.

So far, not a lot of luck.

Sometimes it sucks being Far Left. I disagree with the Right, I disagree with the Centrists, and often I even disagree with the people who aren’t far enough Left. And sometimes with people who are TOO far Left. It’s aggravating.

I’ve tried coming to terms with the fact that I’m going to disagree with everyone on something important, but knowing that fact doesn’t make it any easier.

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