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The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Immortal punk rocker god

Last night I had an interesting dream. It took place in an alternate universe where back in the late 70's the world was taken over by a super villain. The man looked like Alice Cooper, but with a snow-white mohawk and dressed like a punk. He was super-strong, invulnerable, had the power of a god (creation as well as destruction), immortal, and had control of the weather. Basically an evil Superman, he killed a lot of people in his rise to power, but he was a benevolent ruler once he took over. Same-sex marriage was legal worldwide, so were polyamorous marriages, and anyone who was violently homophobic, transphobic, or Nazi was either put in prison or killed. Lesser bigots were re-educated. Nobody starved, nobody was homeless. There were no more billionaires, trillionaires, or millionaires.

In the dream, I mostly watched a few of his less graphic exploits from his rise to power, including him creating a storm and lightning striking a tower just before he used his power to make it come tumbling down.

I have to say, I don't approve of the murders and destruction in his initial rise to power, but I for one would welcome being ruled by a benevolent, immortal, punk-rocker god and his communist, pro-human rights, pro-LGBT reign over the world. He gives us all what we need to survive without having to stress out over it, and all he demands is our love and worship. Seems a fair trade.

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