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The other day, I had to be outside in 90+ heat. I think it was 99 or close to it. I was out in that shit for hours, and I was with my roomie, who is from The South. I told her I finally understood why southerners spoke in that slow drawl: because the heat makes people slow and makes it hard to think. She basically agreed, saying that everything is done slow in the South because of the heat. And I responded that I find it astonishing that they managed to have any kind of civilization at all down there. If everyone was like me, the South would never have been colonized by anybody ever, it would be wilderness, and everyone would live farther north.

Truly, 90% of the planet is uninhabitable to me. Anything that isn't perfect is either too hot or too cold.

I also commented that I understood why the people of Traipah live mostly underground, because their planet is warmer than Earth. Then I amended the comment with "Well, it was warmer there when I first started writing the story. Not sure if it still would be now because of global warming."

(Traipah doesn't have ice caps. It's cold at the poles, but not too bad. Snow falls at the north pole sometimes but rarely sticks around. The south pole is open ocean.)

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