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Magneto is an idiot

So I'm watching X-Men Days of Future Past, and I have to say Magneto is an idiot. Okay spoilers ahead so if you don't want to see spoilers you should stop reading here.

I mean here was me thinking that Magneto was going to have an actually intelligent plan for once and have the sentinels attack the crowd and then he swoops in, stops the sentinels boom he's a hero and a mutant has saved the day and the government fucked up, Logan goes back too a better future, end of story.

What he does instead is after the sentinels attack people on his command, he picks up an entire fucking stadium and just drops it around the White House. Why? What does this accomplish? I mean I haven't finished the fucking movie yet so I don't know what he's planning, but at this point it's so fucked up I just have to say this is the most idiotic plan in the world. What in the fuck is he doing? I cannot fucking imagine what he could possibly be thinking! The plan that I came up with for him is perfect! Honestly the writers are idiots, Magneto is a fucking idiot what the fuck is going on anyway? I going to continue watching this thing to see what the fuck is going on, but gods I can't think of anything that's going to save this shit show of a plan of his.

Oh ye gods he's making a fucking speech. This speech is so fucking stupid. Seriously I can't see how this speech fucking helps at all. I mean from what I know of Magneto from the comics this is so him this is such a Magneto plan but fucking shit why can't he fucking come up with an intelligent plan for once? Like hey, save people from the fucking sentinels! That would disgrace the sentinels and disgrace the government and it would make mutants the heroes. Fuck! Who the hell writes this fucking shit?

Honestly Raven's involvement in this scene is probably the only thing saving this plan from making an even worse future for them than the one they're trying to prevent.

Yup, Raven (Mystique) saves the day with the help of Charles. Anyway as I said, Magneto is an idiot.

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