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Fanfic updates!

It seems I didn't update this blog the last time I posted chapters of my fanfics. So I'll do them all together here.

"Aspie Potter and the Goblet of Fire," book four of "Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals," had one chapter published since the last time I posted:

Chapter 2, "Building Bridges," AO3 Version

Chapter 2, "Building Bridges," Version

Chapter 2, "Building Bridges," BigCloset Version

Start at the beginning:

HPATTWNT Series page on AO3

* HPATTWNT Book 1 (Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals), Chapter 1,
* HPATTWNT Book 2 (Aspie Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), Chapter 1,
* HPATTWNT Book 3 (Aspie Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 1,
* HPATTWNT Book 4 (Aspie Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Chapter 1,

HPATTWNT Chapter 1, BigCloset Version

~ ~ ~

"The Many Faces of Harry Potter" has had two recent chapter updates:

Chapter 34, AO3 Version

Chapter 34, Version

Chapter 34, BigCloset Version


Chapter 35, AO3 Version

Chapter 35, Version

Chapter 35, BigCloset Version

Start at the beginning:

MFOHP Chapter 1, AO3 Version

MFOHP Chapter 1, Version

MFOHP Chapter 1, BigCloset Version

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