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Autism is as old as our species

Autism is a mental condition, not a mental disorder. It's a condition that has, according to the latest science, existed for millions of years. It only really started being a problem for people with the condition when the world started getting super crowded, super noisy, and super difficult to live in. I do not believe this to be a coincidence; I believe autistic people born in a calm, quiet, spacious world (like the kind that existed for millions of years before humans started cramming themselves into crowded cities) would not have any issues at all of the kind normally associated with us, like meltdowns (which are caused by sensory overload or being unable to cope with the situation they're in for another reason).

In fact, there's strong evidence that autistic people were vital to human survival, once. A lot of early human life was (and still is for many tribes today) one that involved a lot of sitting around doing boring repetitive tasks, which would make autistic people great at weaving, sewing, making tools such as stone tools, making nets, and the like because we generally tend to be good at doing boring repetitive tasks for a long time without needing to stop. Attention to detail and heightened senses would have been very handy in hunting. Those are just two examples.

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Aug. 1st, 2017 01:38 am (UTC)
I completely agree with you on this!

Autism hits at all different levels of intelligence, and those who are both normal or gifted and autistic have the ability to do things that their tribe needs.

Today some are being found to be a great asset to do detailed but boring tech jobs. My roomie and best friend, Cat, is on the spectrum and she is one of their most productive programmers, but she also gets overwhelmed emotionally easily. Luckily, they make concessions for her because she IS such an asset. She's allowed to work from home 1 day a week every week (she never abuses this, and actually works hard from home) and can take more time off than most of their employees.

I hope more people come to understand such amazing people. I grew up with a sister who is mildly autistic, so I am able to 'get it' with them/you. <3 You are awesome!
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