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The Worst Witch

Netflix's new reboot of The Worst Witch series is great! The previous versions already felt a lot like Harry Potter (clearly Rowling borrowed a LOT from this series, a series that goes bac to 1986 at least), but now more than ever. It's still the same series, but they've got little nods to Harry Potter:
* The headmistress likes lemon drops.
* One of the teachers stows her wand behind her ear (like Luna Lovegood).
* Mildred is basically a Muggle-born witch.
* Pretty sure the castle they use in this series, at least in parts, is the same as in the Harry Potter movies.

What's more, the girl who plays Mildred Hubble is the same girl who plays Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones, who is one of my top five favorite characters. (Arya is on the list, as well as Tyrion, Mellisandre, and John Snow.)

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