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I hate Windows

I hate Windows. The latest evidence, I just watched my desktop do the following, in order:

1. Got so slowed down by downloading updates that video and audio both got glitchy as Hell until it was done doing that. Before I streamlined this computer's startup to improve performance, Chrome and a couple other programs running in the background at startup was doing that to the audio but not the video. Downloading updates was literally more of a strain on this computer than running several resource-hogging programs at once, including Chrome.

2. When I shut the computer down, it literally took half an hour to install just 4 updates.

3. When I turned the computer back on, it did the entire startup process prior to logging in TWICE just to install the updates it had already installed. To clarify, it installed the updates during shutdown, installed them a second time on startup, then restarted itself and installed them a third time before letting me log in. Only the fact that the second two installations took less than a minute each time kept me from screaming in rage at the computer.

UGH! This is one of the major reasons I hate Windows! On Linux computers, when the computer was downloading updates in the background, I never noticed any lag in resources because the machine downloaded its updates at a measured pace. And then, when I would shut down, shutting down took no longer than normal. Starting up again took no longer than normal. On Linux, the computer literally downloads stuff in the background so quietly you'll only notice because it has to ask you permission first, and then it won't inconvenience you at all after its been downloaded, almost like it's ashamed it had to bother you at all.

Seriously, Microsoft needs to do with Windows what they did with IE. They stole Firefox's code (which is technically open source), slapped an IE logo on it, and called it IE. They need to do that sort of thing with Windows 11, if they call it that. Yes, steal the code for Linux Mint, make it look just a little bit nicer and newer, then slap a Windows logo on it and call it Windows 11. That way, the fucking thing would actually WORK in a sane manner.

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Apr. 12th, 2017 12:52 pm (UTC)
Alas, there are reasons why Windows has to do it that way. And occasionally even Linux may have to.

When Windows Update says it has "installed" the updates, it means that they have all been downloaded and that the ones that can be swapped for the old versions while the system is running have been.

If you have to restart, that means that something needs to be updated that can't just be shut down temporarily and replaced.

Some of those can be updated after the system has mostly shut down. That's the "configuring updates" you see before the restart.

The rest get swapped in as the system is starting.

What causes the multiple restarts bit is when you have something that can't be swapped in "live" *and* there is something else that not only can't be swapped in live but can't be installed until the first one is installed.

You run into this a lot when installing "new" to a system. The stuff on the CD/DVD installs fine. Then you have to run thru updates several times because of the "X has to be installed before Y" problem.

Maybe a hardware example of the same sort of thing would help. If you had an old system that didn't have SATA and you wanted to switch to using a SATA controller and drive, you'd first have to open the box, but in the SATA card and drive, then boot up and install the SATA drivers.

Then you'd have to jump thru some hoops to copy the IDE drive to the SATA drive in a way that it would be bootable.

Then you'd shut down, disconnect the IDE drive (because two bootable drives in the same system is asking for trouble) and then boot it up and make sure things worked.

*Then* you get to shut down again, and remove the IDE drive (or wipe it and reformat so you can use it as a secondary drive).

*Then* you get to seal everything up and reboot a "final" time and start using the system.

ps. I had 6 updates and only had it restart twice?
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