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Quote about Al.

A quote from a conversation about Alastair from Many Faces of Harry Potter, and our own Alex, that I felt bore repeating here:

"Our Alex is a sarcastic, bitter, angry, occasionally mean and nasty son of a bitch, but he's OUR sarcastic, bitter, angry, occasionally mean and nasty son of a bitch. He fits well the "system protector" role, and Alastair is similar."

LOL though in the next bit, I went on to say, essentially, that Alastair is like a tiny adorable puppy compared to the giant Cerberus that is Alex. Which is a hilarious thing to say about Alex, given he doesn't like dogs.

EDITING to add:

"LOL, I think I'm actually failing at what I planned with Alastair. I wanted to show that sometimes one of the other people in a multiple system can be extremely difficult to live with, be someone you wouldn't associate with normally, but still be family. But Alastair is not doing that. Sure, Alastair can be rude and inappropriate, but honestly, I think if I were making Alastair properly like Alex, that I'd be getting all kinds of messages of hate about him, because honestly Alex may be a feminist, genderqueer himself, staunchly against racism and constantly reblogging social justice stuff from black Tumblr users, against guns, and in favor of youth rights like a lowered voting age and rights of children to privacy and property (with parents prosecuted for theft and privacy violations), and other cool things, but for all that he's still hard to live with. He is infuriating. I pretty much covered it with bitter, occasionally mean, and so on above, but I could write a book about how difficult he is. Instead, Alastair is more like Sirius than Alex. By starting to make Al paranoid in newer chapters, I'm trying to edge him closer to being like Alex. I'll start with that, then try to work in other things like Alex's pessimism (which ties in well with paranoia), and his need to be right at any cost (it IS actually possible to get Alex to change a deeply entrenched belief, but it's a long, drawn out, and painful process and we haven't figured out how to replicate it).

"*Sigh* Yes, describing Alex to people who don't know him personally is very difficult indeed. Because if one is too good at explaining the bad bits of his personality, they overshadow the good parts, and honestly the trick to Alex is that the good and the bad kind of balance out... the same way having two Bruce Banners playing tug-of-war and randomly becoming The Hulk at different times balances out."

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