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OverDrive and Library

I had a problem with OverDrive recently and their links were as stupid and unhelpful as their new design promised, so I wrote to the people at the library instead, hoping that would be more helpful. Instead, I got sent a response that was basically a very long way of saying "Go to this link" and a link that was completely unhelpful in an entirely different way to the OverDrive help links I'd found on my own. Here's what I sent them as a response:

I sent you a question and got back a link to instructions that, in context, make no sense at all. (Original question at the end for reference.) So your response to what was basically "my Kindle got deauthorized from OverDrive and I got an error because of it" was essentially "have you tried deauthorizing your device and signing back in?" Or, put another way, you want me to fix the problem by doing the same thing that caused the problem in the first place?

My original question, for reference:

I had to factory reset my Kindle Fire 7 tablet. Now OverDrive won't let me download "Maskerade" by Terry Pratchett in epub format, I was almost done with it, too! Gives some error about it being downloaded to another device, so it can't be downloaded again, even though it had no problem with the audiobook I downloaded.

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